Raw to Roar: Ageless Revolution – Friday June 21st 2024


Imagine driving a vehicle without a dashboard or navigating to a new destination without your trusty satnav. It would feel uncertain, unsafe, and downright daunting. Yet, when it comes to our own bodies, we often find ourselves in this very predicament. Ageism tells us to accept the decline that comes with reaching a certain age, leaving us feeling raw physically and emotionally. But what if we challenged this narrative? What if we refused to accept aging as a one-way ticket to diminished vitality?

At Raw to Roar, we’re rebelling against ageism and the status quo. We refuse to settle for a future dictated by society’s expectations. Instead, we’re empowering women to understand their bodies, take control of their health, and rewrite the rules of aging.

Our conference is a beacon of hope in a world saturated with ageist attitudes. We’re here to debunk the myth that aging means inevitable decline. Through education, empowerment, and cutting-edge technology, we’re paving the way for personalized, precise approaches to health and wellbeing.

Join us at Makeney Hall https://www.makeney.co.uk/  and hear from international leading experts in genetics, hormones, supplements, and aesthetics. Discover the inside-out approach to improved health and wellbeing, where every aspect of your being is considered and optimized. We will provide you with plenty of take-home messages, small changes that can improve and make a difference.

It’s time to shift the conversation from merely living longer to living better. We believe in a future where aging is not a barrier but a gateway to newfound vitality and resilience. Together, let’s embrace the Ageless Revolution and roar with confidence, strength, and unyielding determination! Roaring into your future.


Arrival and registration start at 09’00 with tea and coffee. Program start strictly at 10 am but aim to be informal and positive experience

TimeTitleSpeakerTopic Description
09’00WelcomeAllRegistration – free tea. Networking, goody bags, displays. Video and photo shoot. Ask our women what they hope to learn from today.
10’00Introduction to Ageing as a DiseaseTania – Founder of Uniskin and Ageless RevolutionAgeing – what is it, how does it happen? Why should we care? A personal journey and the quest to solve complex problems. Leading to discovery of personalised and precise solutions. Introduce why the topics, the speakers.
10’30Your Genetics – The Future of Personalised and Precise TestingTaniaEmbark on a Journey: Genes and Functional Medicine - A Revolutionary Path to Health and Wellness, Tailored to You. Unlocking the Secrets of Your Body's Blueprint. Take the Wheel in Your Health Journey, Empowered and Informed. No More Passengers, You're the Captain Now.
11’00Towards Hormonal BalanceDr. Ghazala
Marion Gluck
History and misconception of hormones. Debunking the myths around menopause. Understanding your hormones, the signs and symptoms. It signs, just about symptoms but where your hormones impact and why balancing hormones in perimenopause, menopause and beyond.
11’30Accurate Testing

Dr. GhazalaStop guessing start knowing. A hormonal approach to accurate testing. Introduction to different tests and their importance. How these tests support decision making and why the need for a comprehensive approach. Bloods, DUTCH, DNA oestrogen, gut microbiome. Case studies.

12’00Comfort BreakTea break- Networking
12’30Hormonal TreatmentsRizvan - PharmacistThe history of compounding hormones. Understanding hormone replacement therapies and the differences between HRT and BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement treatment). What’s best for you.
13’00Q&APanel DiscussionAsk away. How can we help?
13’15LunchSocial, eat and check out our displays. Tell us how you are finding it so far. Ask questions, use the knowledge and skills in the room.

Why supplement? Why is food alone not enough? The top 5 supplements and why? What to look out when buying supplements? How does supplement contribute to agelessness..
14’35Vaginal DrynessAesthetic Source
Sarah Whitehead
The silent condition. What is happening, why is it happening. What is available, how does it work? Growth factors and how they work.
14’45Libido – Sexual HealthDr GhazalaThe hormonal changes, pharmaceutical treatments, supplements, and combination therapies.
15’10Aesthetic TreatmentsAdrian Baker

Award Winning Director Lumiere MediSpa
Understanding outward ageing. The anatomical changes occurring in the face with ageing. Various restoration and rejuvenation approaches. Debunking the myths.
15’40Case StudiesTaniaBringing it all together. Meet Sue, and Georgina. An ageless journey.
16’00ClosingSocial and mix. Cash bar, coffee and teas. Video’s what did you learn today? Was it helpful. Ask the experts and give us feedback.


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