Treatment of temples and eyebrows to raise the eyebrow and open the corners of the eye

Best outcome if used in conjunction with toxins.

Superficial injection of filler into wrinkles to smooth the skin.



A definite sign of ageing is hollowing to the sides of the temples. The hollowing also causes the skin around the eyes to sag.

Temple treatment consist of filler injected into the temple hollows, which helps pull the skin up around the eyes and open the corner of the eye.

It also supports lifting the cheek, naso-labial and jowl in a subtle way.

Tear Troughs


One of the most sought-after treatments especially in the young and the old. As we mature the fat pads shift under the eye and the junction between the lower eye and cheek is disrupted.

The mattress (fat pad) has now moved and the skin is directly lying on the bone, creating darker circles but also leaves a deep trough – hence the term tear trough.

In some people it is inherited with dark circles.

Filler or iPRF (injectable platelet rich fibrin) is injected underneath the eye area onto the bone. The aim is to create a cushion between the bone and the skin creating a lighter colour but also

a smoother transition between the lid and cheek junction.

Tear Trough and Cheek Filler treatment often go hand in hand to achieve the best results. It is best practice to first correct the cheeks before treating troughs. Sometimes pinning the cheeks back

also tighten the skin immediately improving the lines and dark circle.

Treatment can be difficult as the area is vascular and the eye tissue different to the cheek tissue. Filler can only be injected incrementally in small amounts as too large an amount can cause puffiness.

Only a specific type of filler can be used in this area. Treatment might be repeated and the effects does not last as long as filler in the lips or cheeks.