UniSkin is occupying a niche market situated between wellness, aesthetics and medicine. 29 Years’ experience in medicine contributes to the understanding of anatomical and physiological changes of our bodies especially during ageing. UniSkin combines the art of medical science with the arts of aesthetics, balance and angles. This is done through understanding anatomy and interpreting facial changes caused by ageing,of bone, tissue and skin and how to correct it. The art is to ensure that the changes made are balanced, well aligned and complimentary to every unique facial structure.

Furthermore, appreciating the science of products and how to best utilise it to restore, rejuvenate and tweak your features to bring out the best in you.

We are passionate about people and keeping it real and authentic. At UniSkin the philosophy is to get you to feel “well” and happy within your own skin. When you are happy you are confident. The treatments we offer are non-surgical solutions to ageing and include Toxins (Botox), Fillers and Skin Care (Cosmeceuticals). Other regenerative solutions include, skin peels, micro needling, otherwise known as the vampire technique.  More treatments include nutraceuticals (intravenous vitamin drips), carboxytherapy, mesotherapy, Blood tests. The aim is to combine treatments to maximise the best outcomes.

Another aspect about UniSkin is that it comfortably sits between medicine and aesthetics. Our NHS cannot carry the burden of wellness alone. GP’s are inundated with ill patients and only have 10-minute slots. There is often very little time to be proactive about well patients and maintaining wellness. They also have very little time and resources for research into other treatment alternatives for tiredness, hair loss or nutrition. Working in GP practice for a long time the realisation hit that there are other alternatives available to patients in wound management, hair loss, nutrition etc. As a result, subsequent research, attending global conferences and frequent training lead to the discovery of alternative solutions for wellness.

These treatments are also seen as “regenerative therapies” or “green alternatives”. Not all patients want to use filler or toxins to rejuvenate. Also, patients present with tired skin and hair. Filler can help with the skin but fixing or preventing the cause is much more appropriate and can be achieved with cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, testing, blood tests and so forth. We offer various blood testing packages, DNA testing for hair loss (Trichotest), nutrition, and telomeres (actual body age). We also work with specialised pharmaceutical labs (Rokshaw) and Fagron to personalise a treatment bespoke to you. We source various products to further compliment your treatments such as stimulating shampoo’s for hair loss, congested or inflamed scalp etc. Mineral make up that immediately can go onto your skin and are free of preservatives. Skin treatments to compliment beards and made out of essential oils. UniSkin aim to provide an experience and a lifestyle geared to bring back fun and feel good factor in your life.

UniSkin offer various treatment modalities that is bespoke to your needs as “one size or one treatment does not fit all”. Our treatment is aimed at any part of your body, including hair. Our treatments techniques are current, ensuring we move with the times in this rapidly expanding market. Our qualifications are to master’s levels with many years injecting experience.

We understand the myriad of reasons that causes ageing such as chronic illness, pain lifestyle, nutrition, stress and anxiety. Therefore, we offer many solutions and complementary therapies for each. You are living in your skin for a long time, let’s make it a good one.