Ageing Explained (Busting myths)

Ageing Explained (Busting myths)
Ageing is very different for every individual. The reason is genetics, illness, injury, nutrition, menopause, sun exposure, lifestyle etc.
We start to absorb bone around the age of 28 and it accelerates significantly when you enter menopause or had children.
The bone changes in significant parts of the face and in some areas worse than others. The dome of the head changes as well as the brow bone and around the eyes especially the inner upper corner and the lower outer corner. So the eyes get bigger (larger) and deeper.
The biggest changes occur around the cheek, jaw and chin.
The cheek from the front becomes narrower and shorter. The cheek also moves backwards whilst the jaw moves forward.
The chin and jaw resorbs and becomes shorter and narrower.
So basically you have now lost the bone foundation of your face which changes your structure. This is why many women do not recognise themselves and don’t feel like their old self.
These changes impact on the fat pad, muscle and skin. Muscles contracts so chin turns up and fat pads slides or absorbs and the skin changes as a result.
One of the biggest reasons we treat patients with filler is to address some of these changes and restore our patients to their former self or as close as possible.#aesthetics #uniskinbelper #ageing

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