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Non-surgical results of Judy Murray

The non-surgical results of Judy Murray (61) that has everyone talking. Judy Murray looks fantastic, and the results are speaking for themselves. However, could Judy’s problems have been avoided in the first place? How does the treatment work? This article aims to analyse two parts: what happens to women’s skinRead More

SaveFace Reviews

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Cosmeceuticals for skin care

How do you decide what is the best treatment for your skin? Who taught you and why did you make that decision? Initially, I just put anything on my skin and only when it felt dry. I was always praised by everybody I know (family and friends) that my frecklesRead More

UniSkin Wellness Blog

Wellness, wellbeing………………why is this word trending so much and what do we mean by this? Wikipedia offers a definition of wellness as: “a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous. Synonyms are: upbeat, wellness, well-being, prosperity, successfulness, welfare”.  The noun is a state of being comfortable, healthy orRead More

Uniskin Media

Botox Diaries: Our (Botox Virgin) Brides Editor Did the Deed

I think everyone is curious about botox—whether it’s preventative or because you have some pesky lines you wish would just disappear (especially for those wedding photos, which you want to treasure forever). We’ve heard many tales of brides-to-be going under the needle for the first time for pre-wedding botox, andRead More

Botox for Preventive Anti-Aging: Experts Reveal What It Can and Can’t Do

When Botox Cosmetic was first introduced as this magic anti-aging solution in a bottle, its use was more limited to those with mature skin who were deep in the throws of the aging process. But, as we’ve learned more and more about neurotoxins over the years, there’s a whole new typeRead More

The Surprising Reason Women Are Getting Botox in Their Bladders

While you’re probably already well-versed in Botox Cosmetic’s aesthetic uses (good-bye forehead wrinkles), it turns out this anti-aging injection is capable of much more than just addressing cosmetic concerns. Many people turn to Botox Cosmetic for medical reasons such as excessive sweating or reoccurring migraines, but there’s one use for theRead More

A new Botox that lasts longer could be on its way

  A new longer-lasting muscle freezing injection is being tested in the US and should reach our shores within the next two years. Frankly, we’re dead excited. RT002, as its currently known, is being tested in the US with studies kicking off late last year. At this point, the trialsRead More

Botox is booming among millennials — some as young as 18

Botox is booming among millennials — some as young as 18 Selfie culture prompts preventive approach by a generation of younger users. By Aimee Blanchette Star Tribune JANUARY 28, 2017 — 7:50PM ANTHONY SOUFFE – STAR TRIBUNEBotox is injected by Rebecca Suess at Kovanda Plastic Surgery in Edina. Jordan Bailey,Read More

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