This treatment is growing in popularity especially in men and women. In the younger patient it helps creating a chiselled and defined jaw, cheek and chin line. It restores balance and can make a patient look sleeker and thinner. In many patients cases they have a recessed chin caused by an under or overbite in their jaw. By filling the chin facial symmetry and balance is restored.

This look is great in men with squaring of the jaw and creating a more masculine and defined look. The older patient also benefits from this treatment as they usually suffer loss of bone and angles which then makes their skin sag. So restoring the jaw and cheek angle and by pulling on the chin with filler creates a youthful look. This treatment is often done in conjunction with cheeks as the upward pulling effect of the cheek, downward pull of the jaw angle and chin all contributes to stretching the facial canvas and reducing lines and wrinkles.

The amounts of filler in this treatment vary significantly as the chin easily takes up to 1ml of filler and the same on each jaw angle. The jaw line will also need treatment in some clients and very quickly the amounts of filler adds up. This is a beautiful treatment and one of my favourites. Remember filler treatment constitute a medical treatment.