Another popular treatment which I am asked about a lot is the naso-labial folds. Naso – labial folds are a common sign associated with ageing and can create features such as sadness, discontent and feeling miserable. A hang-dog look like Droopy in the cartoons. It feels as if everything is just hanging. In the earlier days it was common to inject into the naso labial folds with filler to reduce the deep groove. However, this is very much old school. There is some place for these injections but the most popular and best approach to these treatments is injecting the cheeks and jaw line.

In some clients injecting the temple too helps creating a very good result. It is better to pin the skin back than to fill that groove, however, once the skin is pinned back on the cheek and jaw the cherry on the cake could be to inject the groove. One of the reasons that the groove alone is not injected is that filler could move and make that area actually appear heavier.