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Chronic Headache Relief


Botox Can Help Manage Migraine PainBotox has been used for the treatment of chronic migraine sufferers since 2010, and has been approved as safe and effective for this use by the FDA in the United States as well as by the NHS in the UK.  Although it is unclear exactly why Botox treatment of migraines works, for some patients it is highly effective in providing continuous relief from pain for up to four to six months, and sometimes longer.

class=”article-intro”>The treatment consists of a series of intra-muscular injections of the neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum.  This has the effect of paralyzing the target muscles, causing them to relax.  When applied as an anti-aging treatment, this produces the well-known result of smoothing facial wrinkles.  The relaxation of muscular tension also seems to block one of the primary causes of migraines.

Is Botox a safe treatment for migraines?

Botox has a good safety record with few adverse reactions or secondary effects, however, it is important that the injections be made by a doctor with good knowledge of facial anatomy, as the injections must be delivered to muscle, avoiding nerves and arteries.

The Dr. Alex Chambers Clinic uses the Xeomin version of botulinum toxin because it less likely to cause allergic reactions, patients are less likely to develop a resistance to its effects, and it seems to deliver results a bit faster than other products.

How much does a Botox treatment for migraine cost?

The cost for migraine treatment depends on the number of units required, and this will vary by patient.  Prices are £6 per unit, and typically 60 to 100 units are required.  The first treatment is used to determine the right level of product needed to provide relief at the best price for the patient.

Good candidates for treatment

Treating migraines with Botox is typically only recommended for patients having 15 or more headaches per month.