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I didn’t know that Botox served many purposes

I didn't know that Botox served many purposes

Botox injections are famously known for reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles. What I didn’t know was that Botox injections are also used for migraine headaches and hyperhidrosis, otherwise known as excessive sweating.

I’m experiencing hyperhidrosis either due to lupus, menopause, or both. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects internal and external organ systems, including skin and sweat glands.

The thing I hate most about lupus is that the symptoms you may experience imitates or mimics other disorders (lupus is known as The Great Mimicker).

As stated, my profuse sweating can be due to lupus or the hot flashes associated with menopause, making me a very unhappy camper.

I have tried over-the-counter supplements for hot flashes and sweating to no avail. I was even prescribed a very low dose of Paxil (another medication that serves other purposes) which does work to an extent.

I found out about Botox injections being used to control sweating during research about the subject. I am seriously considering this as an option because I’m at my wits end.

My excessive sweating puts a damper on my social life because I sweat at the most inopportune times. My sweating is worse in the summer and at night. I find myself having to change my shirt and/or bedding because of it.

When I had a lupus flare two years ago, I was taken to my neighborhood hospital. Lupus flares are different each time, at least in my case. At that time, I suffered from excruciating pain. During that hospital stay, profuse sweating occurred for the need of further testing.

The rheumatologist suggested that I have a CT scan and when I did, it revealed large lymph nodes in my groin area. He stated that my profuse sweating was probably lymphoma and that they needed a biopsy to confirm it.

For some reason, this didn’t sit well with me. Long story short, I was transferred to the hospital where I see my primary care doctor and specialist. I discovered that I didn’t need the biopsy after all because my blood work didn’t conclude lymphoma. Again, the perils of having lupus.

Anyway, as I continue to read about the benefit of Botox, it targets the sweat glands around the hairline, groin area, and armpit. I don’t have a problem with underarm sweating but the facial sweating is indeed a nuisance.

Once I get medical clearance from my rheumatologist that Botox is safe for me, then it’s a done deal. If Botox can cure or provide that extended relief of sweating I’m looking for, it’s heaven sent.

In addition, the injections could help with the appearance of wrinkles, not that I have any.

By Sabrina Nixon

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