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UniSkin offer various treatment modalities that is bespoke to your needs as “one size or one treatment does not fit all”. Our treatment is aimed at any part of your body, including hair. Our treatments techniques are current, ensuring we move with the times in this rapidly expanding market. Our qualifications are to master’s levels with many years injecting experience.

We understand the myriad of reasons that causes ageing such as chronic illness, pain lifestyle, nutrition, stress and anxiety. Therefore, we offer many solutions and complementary therapies for each. You are living in your skin for a long time, let’s make it a good one.

‘It’s time to change how we think about getting older.’

Welcome to our Uniskin Family. We are a wellness clinic, the only one of its kind in the entire East Midlands, with a bold mission: to reverse ageing and extend lifespan. ‘What we offer at Uniskin is a potent combination: restoring  facial changes on the outside using aesthetics and renewing and reversing the cellular changes on the inside through genetics.’ So rather than accepting ageing as an inevitable part of life, we utilise advancements in genetics to identify early risks of existing diseases and disabilities before they occur. However, it is never too late for those already suffering. It is now possible to reverse many symptoms towards a healthier, better you.

We are passionate about personalised precision treatments and moving away from the “one size fits all” approach. We all have an inner age we feel but want our outer appearance to reflect. Our expertise in aesthetic medicine ensure natural looks after all you want to look a better version of yourself, not like a caricature. We do not only restore, regenerate and renew your face and skin but also your insides. Our goal is to live a healthier, better life by balancing hormones and easing the burden of menopause, it’s not just women who experience hormonal changes – men go through a similar process called andropause.

We are dedicated to quality, partnering with leading global laboratories and services to ensure that we offer comprehensive, trustworthy, and effective care. We are also Save Face accredited.

Our commitment is to improving the quality of lives and maintaining independence, self-esteem, and enjoyment as we age inside and out.

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