Misconception in aesthetics

There is so many misconception in aesthetics which is one of the reasons I decided to write a book to support patients. I am going to spend this week on posts explaining the changes our faces undergo as we age and hopefully busting the myths especially on “growing old gracefully”.
Some people are naturally lucky to have their facial fat pads up to a good age but many other don’t. The anatomical changes start to occur around the age of 28 but accelerates significantly as we approach menopause. Lifestyle, injury, trauma, stress, nutrition and exposure to sun are a few factors that accelerates ageing.
The skin has 5 layers and each one of them changes over time. Working from the inside out.
The first layer of your face starts with bone. Layered, above the bone is deep fat pads, followed by muscle. Above the muscle is superficial fat pads and then it ends in the skin.
All of these layers undergo changes. That is why we often have to do treatments in various layers. The changes causes facial attributes such as a patient looking sad, angry, unhappy, tired, ill even when they are not.
I will discuss the changes of each area over the following days. The message for today is that the change in bone causes muscles and fat pads to change, which then becomes fixed.
Our face now starts to change and remain in a position which we are not used to. We start to recognise your mothers, feel tired because we look tired and it also affects our confidence.
Patients choose to undergo treatments because they don’t want to look younger again. They just want to look a best version of themselves. The other reason is that they still feel a certain age on the inside but don’t look it on the outside.

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