Hands & Neck & Décolletage

Fillers can be used in most parts of the body. There are various types of fillers which either stimulates collagen such a Prophilo or hyaluronic acid that plumps fine lines and wrinkles.


Combination Treatments

Skin presents in all shapes, colours and textures. Patients also have a preference of treatments and some do not want fillers or toxins but prefer a more natural approach.

Majority of time the skin is dull with reduced elasticity, collagen and pigmentary changes. Cosmeceuticals are seen as the future of skin care and are products that are used for cleansing, moisturising and improving skin texture. The term cosmeceutical is a cosmetic invention that also acts as a medication.

The usual over counter cosmetics do not modify normal cell functioning whereas cosmeceuticals do and have a biological action within the skin, resulting in profound skin changes.

Combining treatments either by first restoring the skin texture result in better filler result and sometimes no fillers needed. Combining fillers, toxins and a skin peel result in great skin luminosity with further reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. These treatments improve skin integrity and collagen production and further reduce fine lines and wrinkles, pigment and tightening the skin and extraordinary results. There is menu of treatments on offer geared towards ultimate skin restoration and rejuvenation, which also includes hair. The combination treatments on offer are:

  • Obagi skin care with 6 weekly free skin clinics
  • Various skin peels – superficial to medium depth peels, red carpet peels, glowing peels, hyperpigmentation or skin lightening peels and more
  • Prophilo – collagen stimulating injections
  • iPRF (injectable platelet rich plasma) also known as the Vampire facial
  • Microneedling – treatment that stimulates skin fibroblast to produce growth factors and stimulate collagen
  • Mesotheraphy – injecting nutritional skin formulas and hyaluronic acids under the skin to boost skin and stimulate collagen
  • Carboxytherapy – injecting CO2 gas into skin and hair to stimulate collagen, promote wound healing, scars, stretch marks, tightening skin and in general improve skin texture.
  • Nutraceuticals (intravenous and intramuscular injections) of vitamin, mineral and amino acids infusions for skin lightening, hair growth, cell regeneration, wellness, immunity etc.
  • DNA Nutritional Testing – optimising nutrition to benefit skin and hair
  • DNA Trichotesting – testing 9 reasons for hair loss
  • Blood tests – well women, well men, nutrition, allergies etc.


Combination treatments can vary based on each patient’s preference and financial means. There is something for everybody within their financial means. Cosmeceuticals is also advised from the age as young as 16 to protect the skin barrier against sun damage, acne and pigmentary changes due to scarring. If you are averse to any toxins or fillers you can use your own body to heal itself by improving your nutrition, using products such as your own blood filled with your own growth factors or stimulating your own fibroblasts to provide growth factors.