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Raw to Roar: Ageless Revolution

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At Raw to Roar, we’re rebelling against ageism and the status quo. We refuse to settle for a future dictated by society’s expectations. Instead, we’re empowering women to understand their bodies, take control of their health, and rewrite the rules of aging.

Our conference is a beacon of hope in a world saturated with ageist attitudes. We’re here to debunk the myth that aging means inevitable decline. Through education, empowerment, and cutting-edge technology, we’re paving the way for personalised, precise approaches to health and wellbeing.

Join us at Makeney Hall  and hear from international leading experts in genetics, hormones, supplements, and aesthetics. Discover the inside-out approach to improved health and wellbeing, where every aspect of your being is considered and optimized. We will provide you with plenty of take-home messages, small changes that can improve and make a difference.


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