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Sascha Landskron, Registered Dietitian and Director of UniNutrition Ltd.

I am a HCPC registered health professional, specialising in food allergies and intolerances. I am both British and Canadian and have lived in six countries. My BSc is in Food Science and Nutrition and my MSc is in Advance Dietetics. I have 20 years of clinical experience and have worked with over 25,000 patients, helping them achieve wellness through diet. I am proud to be working in association with UniSkin, as a pioneer in the exciting and evolving field of Nutrigenomics. We are working in synergy to support you in ageing less, from the inside and out.

Some people already know what they should eat to feel their best, but they need support, structure and fresh ideas to help them on their journey. Some people feel lost at sea with their diet and don’t know what to eat to feel better. My passion is bringing all this together for people, because finding out what foods work (or don’t work) for you, and implementing a healthy diet should be easy, safe and life-affirming. My ultimate goal is to facilitate your wellness through nutrition.


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