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NeoStrata Refine skincare products utilises clinically-proven ingredients that targets the unique needs of oily, blemish prone skin as it ages. Glycolic acid and gluconalactones stimulate cell renewal, improve clarity, brightens, and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It reduces skin oiliness over time. NeoClucosamineTM evens skin tone and the appearance of pigmentation and as it is the building block of skin’s support matrix it lifts and firms the appearance of skin. The result is a smoother clearer and younger looking skin.

Step Process to Manage Acne Prone Skin:

  1. Prepare
  2. Protect
  3. Repair

For maximum benefit it is highly recommended that all three steps of prepare, protect and repair are followed. When strengths are tolerated it could be stepped up to the stronger products in the process of prepare and protect.

There are two products in the Prepare stage that vary in strength. It is recommended that you first start off with the lower 4% clarifying facial cleanser before you step up to the 8% glycolic acid.


  1. Clarifying Facial Cleanser – 200ml
Clarifying Facial Cleanser 200ml

4% glunolactone

0.3% Triclosan

Chamomile extract


·         Broad spectrum                                               antibacterial cleanser

·        Reach deep into pores

·        Dissolves Impurities

·        Reduce bacteria that can worsen                      acne / rosacea

·        Light exfoliation

·        Camomile extract and                                      ProvitaminB5 help condition skin


         Cost:  £24.14




Oily Skin Solution – Step Up from Clarifying Facial Cleaner – 100ml

Step Up only if skin tolerates the 4% treatment



8% Glycolic Acid

Contains Chlorhexedine


*Just a note on glycolic acid: It is found in sugarcane extracts stimulates fibroblast cells to produce collagen. It builds dermal matrix components and reduces wrinkles. It exfoliates the skin by increasing cell turnover and evens out the skin.



·        Exfoliates oily or blemish            prone skin

·        Helps clear clogged


·        Removes excess surface            oils and sebum

·        Freshens / tones after                cleansing

·        Use throughout the

         day to freshen skin

·        Not for sensitive or                    broken skin


Cost:  £30.39






  1. Sheer Hydration SPF35 – 50g

8% NeoGlucosamine


UVA/ UVB Sunscreen

Oil and fragrance free


·        Light oil reducing, daily                  hydrator

·        Gently exfoliates skin

·        Promotes cell turnover

·        Helps reduce appearance                of dark spots from acne                  or age

·        Improve skin volume and                firmness, reduce wrinkles

·        Reduce oiliness

·        Broad spectrum sun                         protection

·        Fit for hot, humid                          climates


Cost:  £31.95







Oil Control Gel  – 30g

4% Glunolactone – PHA

4% Mandelic acid – AHA






Oil Control Gel  – 30g

4% Glunolactone – PHA

4% Mandelic acid – AHA





·        Absorbs oil

·        Creates a velvety finish

·        Controls oils and fights                    acnes bacteria

·        Minimises appearance of                pores

·        Controls shine with                        smooth skin

·        Used in break out and                    pustules and specific                      spots

·        Mandelic acid controls oil                and fights P. acnes                        bacteria


Cost:  £30.39



Gel Plus – 100ml (15% Glycolic acid)
















        Step up from oil control gel

15% AHA Glycolic Acid

        Extra strength                                formulation

        Ideal for experienced                      users of glycolic acid

        Those that prefer light                     non-greasy fast-absorbing               gel


        Visible signs of photoaging

        Enlarged pores

       Uneven texture or pigment

       Highly effective exfoliator

        Stimulates collagen synthesis          for firmer younger looking              skin


Cost:  £33.46




For Ultimate Results Skin Peeling is Highly Recommended.

Skin peel is a process where the skin turnover times are reduces and skin pore size is reduced. It helps improves dull skin by enhancing the natural glow. Skin peels builds volume and evens out pigments.

Skin peels can be customised to each individual with various skin types.

Acne can vary between 6 – 12 peels depending on the damage to the skin. It can be done weekly or fortnightly as tolerated.


Before doing any skin peels the skin must be prepared two weeks prior using Neostrata products suitable to your skin type. Treatment will be discussed on a face to face consultation and a treatment plan agreed.



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