Covid Questionare -

Covid Questionare

Covid Screening Questionnaire Prior to Uniskin Treatment


This policy is for infection control, prevention of disease and health and safety measures to safeguard our clients, their family, other patients and ourselves.

It is government and a professional standards policy and MUST be completed and adhered to when attending treatments at Uniskin.

It is likely that new evidence might emerge, and government advice might change. This policy template will not supersede government advice and will thus be reviewed and adapted accordingly.

Very important and take note: We are doing everything we can to manage risk but please do not assume that it completely eliminates the risk of contracting the virus.

The form must be completed and returned before attending clinic. If you have any allergies and coughing and sneezing, please do wear a mask. A mask is not required for any other contact as the clinician will be wearing a mask. However, if you need to wear a mask it will limit your treatment options such as lip, chin or cheek treatments, including full face skin peels or facials.

Any coughing or sneezing you must either do it into your elbow or a tissue paper which you must dispense immediately, followed by an alcohol hand wash.

Your skin will be disinfected with a Clinisept product as per usual and this contains 70% alcohol.

Do not bring unnecessary belongings and your essential will be placed in a container on your arrival which will be disinfected between patients.

When treating your face or mouth with dermal filler you will be given a solutions to wash and gargle your mouth which will be discarded appropriately.


UniSkin Covid Prevention and Control Policy for Patients Attending Clinic
I confirm that I have read and understood the UniSkin Covid-19 Operational Protocol with the guidance provided.
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