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February, 2017

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Botox for Preventive Anti-Aging: Experts Reveal What It Can and Can’t Do

When Botox Cosmetic was first introduced as this magic anti-aging solution in a bottle, its use was more limited to those with mature skin who were deep in the throws of the aging process. But, as we’ve learned more and more about neurotoxins over the years, there’s a whole new typeRead More

The Surprising Reason Women Are Getting Botox in Their Bladders

While you’re probably already well-versed in Botox Cosmetic’s aesthetic uses (good-bye forehead wrinkles), it turns out this anti-aging injection is capable of much more than just addressing cosmetic concerns. Many people turn to Botox Cosmetic for medical reasons such as excessive sweating or reoccurring migraines, but there’s one use for theRead More

A new Botox that lasts longer could be on its way

  A new longer-lasting muscle freezing injection is being tested in the US and should reach our shores within the next two years. Frankly, we’re dead excited. RT002, as its currently known, is being tested in the US with studies kicking off late last year. At this point, the trialsRead More

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